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Probable bugs

Bad type argument type  

Reports type arguments passed to generic types which do not subtype the expected upper bound.

Conflicting type variable count  

Reports conflicting partial container declarations due to a mismatch between the number of type variables.

Conflicting type variable variance  

Reports type variables whose variance (in, out, or unchecked) conflicts with another declaration.

Cyclic class/module alias declaration  

Reports cyclic declarations of class or module aliases.

Duplicate declaration  

Reports duplicate declarations of classes, modules, interfaces, constants, global variables, type aliases, and methods.

Duplicate keyword parameter  

Reports duplicate keyword parameters in methods, blocks, and proc types.

Inconsistent class/module alias  

Reports inconsistent declarations of class and module aliases.

Incorrect inclusion call  

Reports inclusion calls (include, prepend and extend) that reference a class.

Incorrect type argument count  

Reports references to generic types with the incorrect number of type arguments.

Incorrect type argument variance  

Reports type arguments used in an inheritance statement (a superclass clause, self-type, or an inclusion call) which have incorrect variances.

Invalid method overload  

Reports invalid method overloads (...).

Invalid type argument usage  

Reports type variables used as arguments in locations that their variance does not allow, so long as they are not marked as unchecked.

Unresolved reference  

Reports references that cannot be resolved to any declaration.

Last modified: 18 June 2024