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RESTful Web Service (JAX-RS)

@GET annotated method returns void value  

Reports methods annotated with @GET that do not return anything.

@Path class without resource methods  

Reports classes annotated with @Path that have no resource methods.

Incorrect @Path URI template  

Reports syntax errors and unused URI templates inside @Path annotations.

Incorrect WADL configuration  

Reports configuration errors in WADL files.

Incorrect parameter type of resource method  

Reports resource method parameters (annotated with @PathParam, @QueryParam, and so on) with unsupported types.

Incorrect value of @DefaultValue parameter  

Reports the value of @DefaultValue if it cannot be converted to the specified type of parameter.

Resource method with multiple HTTP method annotations  

Reports resource methods with multiple HTTP method annotations (@GET, @POST, @PUT, and so on).

Unresolved @PathParam reference  

Reports @PathParam parameters that are declared in a method signature and missing in the URL path or visa versa.

Last modified: 29 April 2024