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Deprecated API usage in XML  

Reports usages of deprecated classes and methods in XML files.

Deprecated symbol  

Reports a deprecated XML element or attribute.

Duplicate 'id' attribute  

Reports a duplicate id attribute in XML.

Empty element content  

Reports XML elements without contents.

Failed external validation  

Reports a discrepancy in an XML file with the specified DTD or schema detected by the Xerces validator.

Redundant attribute with default value  

Reports a redundant assignment of the default value to an XML attribute.

Unbound namespace prefix  

Reports an unbound namespace prefix in XML.

Unresolved 'id' reference  

Reports an unresolved id reference in XML.

Unresolved DTD reference  

Reports inconsistency in a DTD-specific reference, for example, in a reference to an XML entity or to a DTD element declaration.

Unresolved file reference  

Reports an unresolved file reference in XML.

Unresolved references   New in this release

Reports an unresolved references in XML.

Unused schema declaration  

Reports an unused namespace declaration or location hint in XML.

Wrong root element  

Reports a root tag name different from the name specified in the <doctype> tag.

XML highlighting  

Reports XML validation problems in the results of a batch code inspection.

Last modified: 29 April 2024