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Case studies

Discover how major companies leverage Kotlin Multiplatform for cross-platform development, applying different code-sharing strategies: from integrating into existing apps and sharing a portion of app logic to building new applications based on Kotlin Multiplatform and Compose Multiplatform.


By sharing over 80% of logic across iOS and Android, Forbes now rolls out new features simultaneously on both platforms, keeping the flexibility to withhold or customize features based on the specific platform. This allows the team to innovate and respond to market needs faster than by developing separately for each OS.


McDonald's leverages Kotlin Multiplatform for their Global Mobile App, enabling them to build a codebase that can be shared across platforms, removing the need for codebase redundancies. Read the full story.


Kotlin Multiplatform helps tech giant Netflix optimize product reliability and delivery speed, which is crucial for serving their customers' constantly evolving needs. Read the full story.


9GAG opted for Kotlin Multiplatform after trying both Flutter and React Native. They gradually adopted the technology and now ship features faster, while providing a consistent experience to their users. Read the full story.

Cash App

Cash App, with 30 million users and 50 engineers, gradually transitioned from shared JavaScript to Kotlin Multiplatform in 2018. This move streamlined collaboration between Android and iOS engineering teams and successfully addressed code-sharing issues previously encountered with JavaScript. Read the full story.


Kotlin Multiplatform drives global learning platform Quizlet's web and mobile apps, which boast a combined 100 million active installs. By transitioning their shared code from JavaScript to Kotlin, they significantly improved the performance of both their Android and iOS applications. Read the full story.


Philips utilizes Kotlin Multiplatform in its HealthSuite Digital Platform mobile SDK. With Kotlin Multiplatform, they not only accelerated the implementation of new features but also fostered increased collaboration between Android and iOS developers. Watch the full video.


Baidu, the world's largest Chinese-language search engine, uses Kotlin Multiplatform to unify the business logic of multiple modules in its Wonder App, covering multiple core business scenarios while retaining the excellent user experience of the native UI. Read the full story.


Instabee migrated their Android application logic and UI to Kotlin Multiplatform with Compose Multiplatform. Thanks to that, they were able to release their iOS application in a short period of time by leveraging the Android codebase. Watch the full video.


Autodesk uses Kotlin Multiplatform to ship a single source of truth for offline synchronization logic and data models on three platforms: iOS, Android, and Windows. Read the full story.


Meetup achieved the simultaneous release of new features by utilizing Kotlin Multiplatform to share application logic. Now, iOS engineers contribute to the shared Kotlin code just as actively as Android engineers, enhancing team productivity and strengthening collaboration between teams. Watch the full video.


Unflow allows development teams to create screens, flows, and features, without a single line of code. Using Kotlin Multiplatform to build their mobile SDK saved the team two months of development time and allowed them to deliver an exceptionally high-quality product without compromising on performance or native capabilities. Read the full story.


Kuaishou, China's pioneering short video platform, has been using Kotlin Multiplatform for two years, significantly cutting costs in developing new features for both Android and iOS apps, as well as maintaining existing features. Read the full story.


Worldline embraced Kotlin Multiplatform in a strategic move to revamp their Eroski app. Transitioning from Java and Objective-C, the team smoothly migrated each of the app's 50 screens. Their efforts led to a high-quality app with over 99% crash-free users among 800,000 active users. Read the full story.


Memrise, one of the world's most popular language learning apps, has incrementally migrated the logic of their iOS, Android, and web apps to Kotlin Multiplatform. This allows them to avoid duplicating the code in three different programming languages, while still offering a full offline and native UI experience to their users. Read the full story.


VMware uses Kotlin Multiplatform in various modules to enable different use cases in a consistent, cross-platform way right across their Workspace ONE productivity app portfolio. Read the full story.

Down Dog

Down Dog uses a "maximum shared Kotlin" strategy for their application, which brings a studio-like yoga experience to mobile devices. They share various helpers between clients and servers, and most of the client code with Kotlin Multiplatform. Their team managed to significantly increase the app's development speed by keeping native-only views. Read the full story.


Touchlab works with organizations adopting and scaling Kotlin Multiplatform. From startups to multinationals with tens of millions of MAU, Touchlab’s services accelerate and de-risk implementing KMP in production. They are also trusted open-source contributors, building crucial tools used widely in production apps. Learn more about Touchlab.


IceRock is an outsourcing company that leverages Kotlin Multiplatform to develop apps for its clients. Their app portfolio spans various business requirements, complemented by a substantial collection of open-source Kotlin Multiplatform libraries that enhance the Kotlin Multiplatform development process. Read the full story.


Careem, a vehicle-for-hire company, adopted Kotlin Multiplatform while migrating their Android app to Kotlin. This move allowed them to reuse their business logic between mobile platforms and saved a significant amount of time in delivering their iOS app. Watch the full video.


Fastwork uses Kotlin Multiplatform for their domain and data layers to help them share their business logic and API service between iOS and Android platforms. Fastwork offers all-in-one business administration and management software to help users meet business needs, anytime, anywhere. Read the full story.


NetVirta uses Kotlin Multiplatform to share data, business, and presentation logic between their apps. Their app portfolio offers an array of solutions, including full-body, foot, and head scanning apps that are used both in stores and within the customer's home. Read the full story.


Mirego uses Kotlin Multiplatform to run the same business logic on the web, iOS (iPhone and iPad), tvOS, Android (device and TV), and Amazon Fire TV. Mirego works with clients to design and develop new digital products. Read the full story.


In both of Chalk.com's mobile apps, Kotlin Multiplatform is used for networking, offline caching, and business logic. The UI for each of the apps is native to the platform, but other than that, almost everything else in their apps can be shared with Kotlin Multiplatform. Read the full story.

Last modified: 18 January 2024