License Server Cloud Help

Activating license

To activate a license with the License Server Cloud (LS Cloud), end-user has to perform an authentication procedure through JetBrains Hub, which should be configured by the LS Cloud administrator. End-user needs their credentials for an authentication provider used within the company.

Authorize and obtain a license

  1. Open your IDE instance with 2021.1 version or later.

    • If you see the License Activation wizard, open the tab of desired license and choose License server.

    • If you already have access to the IDE Interface, go to Help | Register | Add New License | License server.

    License Activation wizard
  2. Paste the LS Cloud URL to the Server address field.

    • (Optional) Click Test Connection to check if the LS Cloud is available.

      Test Connection to LS Cloud
    • Click Activate to proceed to the authorization.

  3. Go to the Authorize link from the warning message. Your browser should automatically open the Authorization tab.

    Click Authorize
  4. In the browser tab that opens choose the internal Authorization provider and log in with your credentials.

    If only the JetBrains Account Auth Module is configured, you'll see a screen similar to the following. Click on the highlighted icon to continue logging in.

    Authorization to Hub
  5. After you receive a message about successful authorization, return to the IDE and click Activate to receive a license.

    Click Activate
  6. Check the license appears on the screen and click Continue.

    Obtained license

Possible issues

There are several issues that can happen with the obtaining a license from the end-user’s side. You may not obtain a license and receive an error message similar to one of the following:

  • No matching licenses left on the server – means there’s no available licenses of the product you try to use on your LS Cloud instance. For example, you try to obtain the IntelliJ IDEA license, but there’s no free IntelliJ IDEA licenses in the license pool on the LS Cloud.

  • You are not allowed to use this product – means you haven’t obtained a license due to Access Rules: an administrator of your LS Cloud instance has restricted your access to the IDE. Contact your LS Cloud administrator to clarify the reasons.

  • Please activate a product some minutes later – it may have been caused by license termination from LS Cloud dashboard. You may have terminated your session on the My Licenses page at your LS CLoud account. Try to perform the authorization procedure once again after a couple of minutes.

Last modified: 24 May 2022