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Access Rules

If you need to restrict someone's access to the licenses, or you have prioritized users, who should get a license even if all licenses on the server are taken, the LS Cloud administrator can configure Access Rules. When a user wants to obtain a license, the IDE sends a request to LS Cloud. This request is compared to the set of Rules defined by the LS Cloud administrator, and a license is either granted or rejected.

To configure Access Rules, the LS Cloud administrator should create Rules from LS Cloud dashboard. Each Rule consists of a user group and a list of licenses to which the user group has access:

  • A User group is a list of users with JetBrains Hub usernames or a JetBrains Hub group. LS Cloud suggests selecting only usernames or group names from your Configured JetBrains Hub. If LS Cloud doesn't recognize a username or a group name, check if such a name exists in JetBrains Hub.

  • Licenses are JetBrains single licenses or license packs. For example, the LS Cloud administrator can configure access to both All Products Pack and single product licenses like IntelliJ IDEA. LS Cloud suggests selecting only licenses located on the Server.


To investigate the functionality of LS Cloud Rules, let's see the LS Cloud dashboard. There are two main sections: Rules and Priorities, which are located under two corresponding tabs.

LS Cloud dashboard | Rules

Rules functionality:

  • The list of Rules: each of them consists of the Name with a short description, Enabled? - status of the Rule, Author, and Last modified parameter. The menu button on the right side leads to the Rules managing options.

  • The checkbox configures whether users not mentioned in the Rules are allowed to get licenses. For example, there's no rule for a "Test group", or it's disabled. If the checkbox is filled, then the "Test group" is allowed to use licenses without restrictions. Otherwise, the "Test group" is forbidden from using any license.

  • The Add Rule button leads to the Rule creating wizard. See Adding Rules.

  • The Test User/Group button leads to the wizard for testing how rules match the users with licenses.

LS Cloud dashboard | Priorities

Priorities functionality:

  • The list of Priorities: The Type (personal or group) and User or group parameters. The menu button on the right side allows you to Edit or Remove the Priority.

  • Quick search by username or product.

  • The Edit Users button leads to the Editing Priorities wizard. See Edit Priority Users.

Adding Rules

Let's consider the procedure of creating a new Rule.

Add Rule

  1. Go to the LS Cloud dashboard | Rules and click the Add Rule button from the Rules tab.

  2. Configure the Rule parameters: name, affected users, and licenses.

    • Go to the Define Users tab. Name the Rule and define the user group to which the Rule should be applied. Check that usernames match the names from the JetBrains Hub.

      Name the Rule and define users
    • Go to the Limit Products tab. Choose licenses you configure access to.

      Choose products
    • Go to the Check Rule tab and check if the Rule works correctly in comparison to the other rules. Define the user's name and select the products you want to test access to. Turn on the Enable toggle if it's disabled to apply the new Rule.

      From the Result tab, you can see if the access was granted. While in the Related Rules tab there's a list of all Rules applied to this user.

      Actual result
      Comparison to other rules

      Crossed Rule means that it's disabled. The User from the example above is affected by two rules, both are allowing access.

  3. Click the Finish & Save Rule button to save the Rule or Discard Changes to remove the created Rule.

Managing Rules

LS Cloud administrator can edit, remove Rules, and perform other actions. To find them, click the menu button next to the Rule. This is the list of all supported actions:




Edits the Rule via the wizard similar to the adding one.


Makes a copy of the Rule.

Test User/Group

Tests how a certain user or a group is affected by the Rule.


Removes the Rule. This action cannot be undone.

To enable or disable the Rule, switch the Enable toggle button. The disabled Rule's name becomes crossed to contrast to enabled ones.

Configuring Priorities

If you have prioritized users, which should have access to licenses even if all licenses are taken, configure the Priority Users list. LS Cloud revokes someone else's license, whose last-seen parameter is the oldest, and grants the license to the prioritized user. This mechanism of choosing who will lose the ticket is not configurable.

Edit Priority Users

  1. To configure the Prioritized Users list, go to the LS Cloud dashboard | Rules | Priorities section and click Edit Priorities.

  2. Define the names of priority users and groups in the field. Check that names match the names from the JetBrains Hub.

    Edit Priority Users
  3. Click Save Priorities to save the priorities or Discard Changes to cancel the Priority edits.

Last modified: 24 May 2022