License Server Help

Cannot assign requested address


(Only for ZIP distribution) Cannot assign requested address error on license server start * FAILED ServerConnector@2243bc0d{HTTP/1.1}{}: Cannot assign requested address


Please make sure that host configured for usage by license server exists. The error might also appear when configured host of license server doesn't match FQDN or IP of the machine where it is installed or another host available for configuration. To check the host of the machine please run hostname -f on Linux or Mac OS and ipconfig /all on Windows (host available for configuration is host name and primary dns suffix in lowercase concatenated via `.`).

Please compare obtained host of the machine with the host specified in configuration file <license_server_home>/conf/ for Linux and Mac OS X or <license_server_home>\conf\ for Windows. If they don't match, please configure actual host of the machine for usage by the license server.

Last modified: 10 January 2019