Floating License Server Help

Logs and configurations files


For example: http://localhost:8080/check-configuration shows where logs and configuration files are located. Configuration file contains the information about configured proxy and hostnames.

Example of output:

Base URL defined by host and port: Location of log files: /opt/license-server-installer/logs Location of configuration file: /opt/jetbrains-license-server/conf Max/Total JVM memory: 300.00 Mb / 1024.00 Mb

Since build #19340 it also shows Max/Total JVM memory used by the FLS Java machine.

Since build #17043 there is a health-check:


It shows if the server is registered and talks to JetBrains sites correctly or not + server UID. In the first case it returns "200 OK". Otherwise, the response is "500 Internal Error" with a problem description. This health-check can be used in monitoring, eg:

Sample output:
{"serverUID":"2veurqi4td","lastCallHome":"02 Jun 2018 21:37"}

Last modified: 5 August 2019