License Server Help

Online connection

License server contacts JetBrains Account hourly to:

  • Obtain license information from JetBrains Account server. License server obtains information about the number and type of licenses available for distribution in the organization.

  • Send statistics of license usage to build usage reports in your JetBrains Account. License server sends information about the number of available and allocated licenses by product.

If license server has not contacted JetBrains Account within 2 hours, the administrator(s) of license server team or the whole profile will receive a "License Server Connectivity Problem" email informing them about the issue.

Checking connection to License Server

License server is expected to be accessible only from organisation's network to avoid unauthorised usage of organisation's licenses.

When working with the license server, it is required to always have a connection to the server. This is a requirement for the floating licensing model. A 2-day period allows products to keep their license(s) within possible server downtime. License users are not expected to rely on this period.

How to check if the License Server talks to JetBrains Account correctly:

  1. http(s)://your-server-url/check-connection (eg: shows current connection status + available proxy if configured.

  2. http(s)://your-server-url/check-configuration (eg: shows where logs and configuration files are located. Configuration file contains the information about configured proxy and hostnames.

  3. Since build 17043 there is a healthcheck: http(s)://your-server-url/health shows if the server registered and talks to JetBrains sites + server UID or not. In the first case it returns "200 OK", in the second "500 Internal Error" with a problem description. This healthcheck can be used in monitoring, eg:

    Sample output:
    {"serverUID":"2veurqi4td","lastCallHome":"02 Jun 2018 21:37"}

Last modified: 3 December 2018