License Server Help

Passed host header is not allowed


When accessing license server page there is an error message saying that "Passed host header is not allowed."


If license server is running behind the reverse proxy or a host configured for license server software doesn't match a host of machine where the software is running, please configure virtual hosts property for the License server software:

MSI distributionZIP distribution
Run the following command when JetBrains License Service is stopped:
<license_server_home>\apps\license-server\bin\license-server.bat configure
Run the following command when license server software is stopped:
  • On Linux/Mac OS X:
    sh <license_server_home>/bin/ configure
  • On Windows:
    <license_server_home>\bin\license-server.bat configure
where is the host of proxy or the host configured for usage by the license server. If there are several hosts, please specify them separated with a comma.
Last modified: 7 September 2018