Floating License Server Help

Proxy properties are configured but not used by FLS


Connection fails despite proxy is configured for Floating License Server connections.


FLS attempts to contact JetBrains via HTTPS (port 443) protocol directly without using system proxy. If usage of proxy is required for external connections in the environment where FLS is installed there is a need to explicitly configure proxy settings for FLS software as described in proxy configuration instruction.

Used version of FLS should be greater than or equal #8732 as this is the version where proxy configuration was supported. If the requirement is not met, upgrade the installation to recent version available at the download page.

If the version is correct, check if proxy is used by license server. To make it visit http(s)://<fls_hostname>:<fls_port>/check-connection. If there is no information about proxy restart FLS. After that try to visit http(s)://<fls_hostname>:<fls_port>/check-connection again to check if there is "Available proxies" information. If the proxy information is shown in "Available proxies" section but connection to JetBrains resources fails contact IT department of your organisation to make sure that the proxy is transparent and that it allows the server to reach JetBrains resources with all data passed as is including certificates provided by JetBrains resources. JetBrains resources which should be available for the server are www.jetbrains.com and account.jetbrains.com HTTPS (443 port).

Last modified: 5 August 2019