License Server Help

The property is unknown (specific for MSI distribution)


[APP-WRAPPER] Failed to configure JetBrains License Service: java.util.concurrent.ExecutionException:
com.jetbrains.bundle.exceptions.BadConfigurationException: The property http.proxyHost is unknown and could not be set by configure command

Attempt to configure license server by <license_server_home>\bin\license-server.bat configure --<property> <value> for Windows leads to "The property <property> is unknown and could not be set by configure command" and causes no change of configuration data.

  1. Stop JetBrains License Service.

  2. Try to execute configuration command as follows: <license_server_home>\apps\license-server\bin\license-server.bat configure --<property> <value>.

  3. Start JetBrains License Service to launch license server with updated configuration data.

If this doesn't help try to upgrade to recent version of License Server available at the download page.

Last modified: 16 January 2019