Floating License Server Help

User restrictions

If you have configured the restrictions but they do not work, there are two possible reasons why that might be happening.

Syntax error


FLS tries to apply the access configuration file during start/restart. If the file is not found or has a syntax error, it will be skipped.


When starting FLS you see:

  • the file is not found:

    java.io.FileNotFoundException: <path-to-the-file>/access-config.json (No such file or directory)
    Solution: check the path to the file specified in conf/service-config.properties. The easiest way to compare this path with the real file's location is to paste it into a browser. Fix the path and restart the license server process.

  • if the file has a syntax error:

    ERROR e:62 - Failed to parse config located at file:/path-to-the-file/access-config.json
    ERROR e:62 - Failed to parse config located at file:/path-to-the-file\access-config.json
    with an error description, for example:
    com.fasterxml.jackson.databind.JsonMappingException: Unexpected character (']' (code 93)):
    Solution: check the syntax is correct and restart the process. It's easy to check the syntax with The JSON Validator

These errors are also shown in license-server-stdout.log. /check-configuration (for more detailed information, see Connection) shows where logs and config files are located on your copy of FLS.

Cannot obtain ticket from FLS


LicenseRequest sent by a user doesn't match the restriction rules.


Compare the request from ./logs/license-server-stdout.log .\logs\license-server-stdout.log with the rules. It may differ from the hostname, product, or build version.

Last modified: 01 September 2021