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Navigating to Issues

In MPS, you can navigate from committed changes to the issues related to these changes. To enable this navigation you need to tell MPS the URL address of your tracker and figure out a pattern according to which you will specify issue numbers in commit messages. As soon as MPS encounters a match to this pattern in a commit message, the match is displayed as a link in the Changes and Version Control tool windows. If you mention several issues, all of them will show up as links. Clicking such link opens the matching issue in the browser.

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To navigate from a change to the related issues

  1. Open one of the following views:
    • Local Changes, Incoming, or Log tab of the Version Control tool window.
    • History tab of the Version Control tool window.
    • Changes Browser.
  2. Find the commit of interest and click the hyperlink to the related issue.

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Last modified: 3 August 2017