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Function Keys

This section describes default mappings for the function (F) keys.

ShortcutFunctionUse this shortcut to...
N/A HelpInvoke reference page.
N/A Activate in-place editingIn a GUI Designer form, enable in-place editing of the name of a selected UI component.
Search for next/previous occurrenceNavigate to the next/previous occurrence of a selected word in the editor.
N/A Edit Source Depending on the context:
N/A CopyCreate a copy of a selected class/file/directory in the same or a different package.
N/A MoveMove a selected class/package/static member to another package/class and correct all references.
N/A Step IntoStep to the next executed line (during debugging).
N/A Step OverStep to the next line in the current file (during debugging).
N/A Resume ProgramResume program execution (during debugging).
N/A Toggle BookmarkTurn anonymous bookmark on or off.
N/A Jump to Last WindowActivate a last focused tool window.
Last modified: 26 October 2017

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