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Push Active Branches

VCS | Git | Push Active Branches

Use this dialog box to specify options for uploading changes to a remote repository from the active branches in multiple local repositories (Git roots).

Commits This read-only list box shows a list of active branches in all your local repositories (roots). All the commits performed in the active branch of a root since the last push are shown below the relevant root node. The latest commit is shown at the top of each list. To have a commit pushed, select the check box next to it.

If you skip a commit but include commits performed later, MPS informs you that you need to apply the Rebase operation.

ViewClick this button to open the Paths affected in commit dialog box, where you can view a list of files that contain changes included in the selected commit.
Fetchclick this button to have the changes from a remote repository downloaded without applying them locally.
RebaseClick this button to initiate rebasing if you skip a commit but include commits that were performed later.
  • If no conflicts are detected, rebasing is performed silently and the commit to be skipped is moved to the top of the list.
  • If any conflicts arise, a Merge tool appears, where you can resolve them.
PushClick this button to have the selected commits pushed.
Clean working tree
before rebase
In this area, specify the technique to use for cleaning the working tree which involves removing files that are not under Git control. The available options are:
  • Using Stash - choose this option to have a patch with stashed changes generated.
  • Using Shelve - choose this option to have a patch with shelved changes generated.

Note the difference in processing patches with stashed and with shelved changes:

  • Patches with stashed changes are generated by Git itself. To apply them later, you do not need MPS.
  • Patches with shelved changes are generated by MPS. Normally, they are also applied through the IDE. Applying shelved changes outside MPS is also possible but requires additional steps.
Rebase and Push Click this button to initiate rebasing and pushing in the background.

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Last modified: 21 June 2017