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Viewing Definition

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Quick Definition Lookup shows you definitions of your project symbols (tags, classes, methods/functions, fields, etc). Definitions are shown in the Documentation pop-up window or in the Documentation tool window.

To view the definition of a symbol at caret

  • Press N/A or choose View | Quick Definition.

To view a definition in the Documentation tool window

  • Click pin in the Documentation pop-up.

Toolbar of the quick definition lookup

Use the icons on the toolbar of the pop-up window to navigate to the source code of the definition and view its usages.

IconKeyboard shortcutAction
arrowBack.png arrowForward.png N/A
Navigate to the previous/next screen in the definition pop-up window after using hyperlinks in the definition.
editN/AOpen the source code of the definition for editing, and close the quick definition lookup window.
showDetailsN/AOpen the source code of the definition, and preserve the quick definition lookup window opened.
Last modified: 4 April 2018