MPS 2018.2 Help

Update Info Tab

View | Tool Windows | Version Control

This tab is available when local information is synchronized to the server.

ItemTooltip and shortcutDescription
icons actions GroupByPackage svg Group by PackagesWhen this button is pressed, the update information within nodes is grouped by s.
icons general filter svg Scope Filter This action is only available if the Filter Update Project Information by scope option is selected in the Settings/Preferences dialog (N/A) under Version Control. Click this icon to only show update info for the selected scopes.
icons actions expandall svg
icons actions collapseall svg
Expand all
Collapse all
Use these buttons to have all nodes expanded or collapsed.
icons actions diff svg Show Diff
Click this button to open the Differences Viewer for Files, where you can compare the local copies of all the project files one after another with their updates from the server. Use the buttons Compare Next File icons actions forward svg and Compare Previous File  icons actions back svg to scroll through the list of updated files.
icons actions close Close
Click this button to close the tab.
Last modified: 13 August 2018