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Code Style

File | Settings | Editor | Code Style for Windows and Linux
MPS | Preferences | Editor | Code Style for macOS
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  • Name prefix / suffix: in these text boxes, type the prefixes and suffixes to be used when generating suggestions for naming new symbols through the MPS code-generation features.

    If the fields are left blank, then the default name suggestions without prefixes or suffixes will be used. When you add a prefix value, MPS automatically converts the first letter of the suggested base name to upper case.

    For example, if the prefix for a static field is defined as s, and the type of the field is Counter, then the suggested static field name will be sCounter.

    Note that this prefix will not take part in the generation of the getter and setter method names. So, in our example, the accessor names will be getCounter and setCounter respectively.

    Specify the name prefixes and suffixes for fields, static fields, parameters, local variables, subclasses and test classes.

Last modified: 5 July 2019