MPS 2019.1 Help


File | Settings | Editor | General for Windows and Linux
MPS | Preferences | Editor | General for macOS
Ctrl+Alt+S the Settings/Preferences icon

Use the General page of the Settings/Preferences dialog to configure the editor behaviour and customize its view.



Aspect tabs

Each aspect specifies a part of the language qualities, like e.g. syntax, semantics, type-system, dataflow. These are defined for each concept individually. So when a user opens a concept declaration in the editor, the editor window will hold tabs at the bottom, each tab representing one aspect. The configuration setting specifies, how to show these tabs.

Font Name, Font Size, Line Spacing, Text Width, Indent Size

Specify the formatting options: select the desired values from the drop-down lists.

Use Braces

Select this checkbox to show braces in the block cells of the editor.

Use Antialiasing

Select this checkbox to enable showing fonts without distortions.

Highlight nodes with changes relative to base version

If this checkbox is selected, then for the files under version control, the added, or changed changed lines of source code are highlighted.

If this checkbox is not selected, the left editor gutter shows color markers denoting added, deleted, or changed lines. Refer to the View Changes Information section for details.

Power Save Mode

Select this checkbox to minimize power consumption of your computer on account of eliminating the background operations. When Power Save Mode is on, no inspections are performed.

Selection Background/Foreground

Click Choose to select the desired colors from the color picker, or type the values manually. Click Reset to return to the default values.

Caret Blinking Rate

Use the slider to make the caret blink with the specified period.

Last modified: 5 July 2019