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File Types Recognized by MPS

MPS recognizes numerous file types. Each file type is denoted with a special icon. Custom files types are also allowed. Each file type is associated with one or more extensions that match a certain pattern.

The file types and their extensions are configurable in the File Types dialog.

The default types include:

File TypeIcon
Archive files icon_create_archive
Dart filesicon_dart
Files marked as plain textplain_text_icon
Files opened in associated applicationsiconFileTypeCustom
Java class filesfileTypeJavaClass
Java source filesfileTypeJavaSource
MPS Devkit files devkit
MPS project language files. projectLanguage
MPS model files. model
MPS solution. solution
Patch filespatch
Pug files (refer to the section Using Pug (Jade) Template Engine). pug
Regular expressionsfileTypeRegexp
RELAX NG Compact SyntaxfileTypeRelaxNG
SQL files icon_sqlOpenInEditor
Stylus files fileTypeStylus
Text files fileTypeText
TypeScript files typeScript
XML files classTypeXml

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Last modified: 29 September 2016