MPS 2022.2 Help

Creating wizards

Sometimes, you may have the need to provide wizards that would automate some tasks of the users of your languages or IDEs. MPS allows you to create those and so let the users customize specific settings (e.g. in the model) for the actions that will be performed by the wizard, possibly in several steps. This wizard will have similar look and feel to the MPS migration wizard and thus seamlessly fit into the system.

You need to extend the AbstractWizard class to create your own wizards. The StepAdapter class lets you create additional steps for the wizard, which you then register with the wizard using its addStep() method.

We recommend you to look into the sources and check out some of the existing wizards, e.g. GenerateBuildWizard. Please check out the Contributing to JetBrains MPS Project page for a few useful tips on getting and opening the MPS sources.

Last modified: 10 May 2022