MPS 2023.3 Help

Dependencies Analyzer - analyze model dependencies

The Dependencies Analyzer can report dependencies among modules or models. It can be called from the main menu or from the popup menu of modules/models:

Dependencies Analyzer from the main menu
Dependencies Analyzer from context menu
Dependencies Analyzer from context menu

The interactive report, shown in a panel at the bottom, allows the user to view usages of modules, models and nodes by other modules, models and nodes. The panel on the right side displays modules and models that the element selected in the left-hand side list depends on. The bottom panel lists the actual places that demand the currently selected dependency.

Dependencies Analyzer tool windowu

TheĀ L icon enables the user to toggle between analyzing the model dependencies and the languages used in the models.

Unlike the Module Dependencies Tool, which visualizes the dependency information specified in model properties, the Analyzer checks the actual code and performs dependency analysis. It detects and highlights the elements that you really depend on.

Last modified: 07 March 2024