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Feedback language aspect

Define the feedback aspect

The feedback language aspect defines custom messages to show to the user when an error or a warning is detected in the model.


The FeedbackPerConceptRoot concept is used to define feedback massages for a particular concept. It holds a collection of FeedbackRootMembers which define the condition to check for and a message to show. In addition to using text, the message may refer to the language elements to provide more details about the problem:

  • child - the (unexpected) child node that is causing a problem

  • link - the link (role) of the problematic child node

  • node - the node with the reported problem

  • property - a property with a violated constraint

  • value - a value that is invalid for a property

  • concept - the concept of the target of the invalid reference

  • reference - the reference that is out of scope

Additional feedback rules are likely to be added in the future.

Last modified: 07 March 2024