MPS 2023.3 Help

Find Usages

The dialog also opens when you click the Settings icon in the Show Usages popup which lists all the occurrences of the symbol at caret.

Use this dialog to configure the search procedure and scope when looking for usages of nodes and concepts.

The search results are displayed in the Find tool window.




Select the finders to use for the search. Each finder holds a little icon that lets you navigate to the definition of the finder.


Select the scope of the search:

  • Model

  • Module

  • Project

  • Global - includes libraries and MPS code

Skip results tab with one usage

Select this checkbox to be navigated directly to the found usage without the Find tool window displayed when only one usage is found.

Open results in new tab

Select this checkbox to have the results of each search shown on a separate tab of the Find tool window. If the checkbox is not selected, the search results will be shown on the current tab.

Last modified: 07 March 2024