MPS 2020.3 Help

Change Master Password Dialog

File | Settings | Passwords - Master Password for Windows and Linux
MPS | Preferences | Passwords - Change Master Password for macOS
the Settings/Preferences icon

If your master password is already set, you can open this dialog by clicking Master Password on the Passwords page.

Specify your current master password, and then a new master password. ( The master password is used to access the MPS password database where - if so specified - your passwords are stored.)

You can set thenew password empty. As a result, MPS won't ask you for the password when accessing the password database. However, the security of your passwords in that case will be lower.

If you don't remember thecurrent password, you can resetthe master password (click Reset).

PasswordSpecify thecurrent master password.
New passwordSpecify yournew master password.
Confirm passwordType thenew master password once more.
Encrypt with OS user credentialsFor Windows only: if you select this checkbox, the master password itself will be stored encrypted in the password database. (Your Windows logon credentials will be used for encryption.)

As a result, MPS won't ask you for the master password when accessing the password database.

ResetIf you don't remember thecurrent master password, click this button to reset it. (The Reset Master Password dialog will open.)
Last modified: 25 January 2021