MPS 2022.2 Help

Select Participants Dialog

The Select Participants dialog appears after performing the Move or Rename action.



Handle subconcepts

If this checkbox is selected, MPS will create migration scripts for subconcepts of the moved concept if there are any in the current project or dependent projects. The refactoring log option should also be enabled as these migrations will be created when an executing the refactoring log. As a side effect, this option creates a cyclic dependency between the source and target language. If this option is disabled, non-included subconcepts still continue to be inherited from the deprecated concept from the source language and will need to be updated manually.

Move concept aspects

If this checkbox is selected, MPS will search for the concept aspects defined in the language and move them to the corresponding aspect models of the target language.

Update instances in current project

If this option is on: for concept, MPS will update concept instances in the project. For concept properties and links, MPS will update instances of the containing concept. Enabling this option may lead to inconsistencies until the refactored language is rebuilt. It may be useful when refactoring languages that are not published yet, so that all concept instances are contained in the same project and no migration is required. It can be turned on safely if the Migration Script option is enabled.

Update resolveInfo

If this option is on, MPS will update cached information in node usages and mark dependent models as changed. If disabled, cached names in the dependent models will be updated during the next model re-save.

Update model imports

If this checkbox is on, MPS will add necessary model and module imports into the target model and (if the Update references option is enabled) into the dependent models.

Update references

If this option is on, MPS will refresh all references that could be affected by applying the Move action. Otherwise, you might need to update them manually.

Write migration script

If this checkbox is selected, MPS will produce a migration script which updates concept instances (for properties, containing concept instances). This script should be applied to any project using the refactored language (including the project with language itself if it has a sandbox).

Write refactoring log

If this option is on, the refactoring log will be created after applying the Move action.

Last modified: 26 August 2021