MPS 2023.3 Help

Select Target Changelist dialog

Use this dialog to roll back changes from a certain changelist.



Existing Changelist

Choose this option restore the shelved changes in one of the existing changelists. Choose the target changelist from the list.

New Changelist

Choose this option to create a new changelist and restore the changes from the shelf in it.

  • Name: in this field, type the name of the changelist to be created.

  • Comment: in this field, type an optional description of the new changelist.

  • Make this changelist active: select this checkbox to have MPS automatically give the active status to the new changelist immediately after the changes are restored in it. When this checkbox is cleared, the current active changelist remains active.

  • Track context: select this checkbox to have MPS preserve the context of the task associated with the new changelist on its deactivation and restore the context when the changelist becomes active.

Remove successfully applied files from the shelf

  • Clear this checkbox to have MPS still display already unshelved changes in the Shelf tab so that you can apply them once more if necessary.

  • When this checkbox is selected, the changes are not displayed in the Shelf tab after they are unshelved.

Last modified: 07 March 2024