MPS 2021.2 Help


Use the General page of the Settings/Preferences dialog to configure the editor behaviour and customize its view.

Aspect tabsEach aspect specifies a part of the language qualities, for example, syntax, semantics, type-system, dataflow. These are defined for each concept individually. So when you open a concept declaration in the editor, the editor window will hold tabs at the bottom, each tab representing one aspect.
Use BracesSelect this checkbox to show braces in the block cells of the editor.
Use completion stylingSelect this checkbox to enable custom completion menu text styling and sorting.
Show context assistantSelect this checkbox to see a menu for invoking specific actions on a particular cell.
Two step deletionSelect this checkbox to enable showing part of the code fragment which will be deleted.
Type over existing textSelect this checkbox to allow the editor intelligently move the cursor to the right when the character to the right of the cursor matches the key typed on the keyboard.
Usages of element at caretSelect this checkbox to enable automatic selection of references to the node under cursor in the edited document.
Disable automatic quick-fixesSelect this checkbox to prevent MPS from running quick-fixes that are triggered automatically.
Resolve broken references automaticallySelect this checkbox to enable automatic resolving of broken or out-of-scope references.
Caret Blinking RateUse the slider to make the caret blink with the specified period.
Last modified: 30 September 2021