MPS 2023.3 Help

File Colors

File colors
Configuring file colors in Settings



Enable file colors

Select this checkbox to enable the feature.

Use in editor tabs

Enable colors in editor tabs.

Use in project View

Enable colors in the Project tool window and in search results (for example, in the Find in Files dialog Ctrl+Shift+F).

Manage scopes

Click this button to define the required scopes.

Configure colors




the Add button


Click this button to open a list with the available scopes. Click the right arrow button next to the necessary scope in the list and select a color.

the Remove button


Click this button to remove the selected color-scope association.

the Move up button/the Move down button

Up / Down


Select this checkbox to share the selected local scope through VCS.

Apply the changes and close the dialog. After that you will see colors in the selected areas in the interface:

Last modified: 07 March 2024