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Accessing Inspection Settings

Inspections and inspection profiles are editable in the Inspections settings page. AppCode provides several ways to gain access to inspection settings.

To access inspections and profiles settings, do one of the following

  • Open the AppCode Preferences by choosing AppCode | Preferences, and click Inspections under Editor.
  • On the main toolbar, click img, then expand the Editor node, and click Inspections.
  • Click the current profile icon in the Status bar
    Hector tooltip
    and then click the Configure inspection link.
    Highlighting level pop-up
  • In the editor, open the suggestion list, click the right arrow, and choose Edit inspection profile settings on the submenu.
  • In in the Inspection tool window, click Edit Settings settings on the toolbar or use the corresponding context menu command.

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Last modified: 5 December 2016