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CoffeeScript Support

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AppCode provides CoffeeScript support. AppCode recognizes *.coffee files, and allows you to edit them providing full range of coding assistance without any additional steps from your side. CoffeeScript files are marked with icon_CoffeeScript icon.

To run, debug, and test your code, you will need it translated into JavaScript which requires a transpiler and Node.js. For more details on CoffeeScript transpilation, see Transpiling CoffeeScript to JavaScript.

Preparing for CoffeeScript development

  1. Make sure the CoffeeScript plugin is enabled. The plugin is bundled with AppCode and activated by default. If it is not, enable the plugin, see Enabling and Disabling Plugins for details.
  2. Download and install the Node.js framework.
  3. Configure the Node.js interpreter in AppCode:
    1. Open the AppCode Preferences by choosing AppCode | Preferences, and click page_name under node_name.
    2. On the Node.js and NPM page that opens, specify the location of the desired Node.js interpreter.

Coding assistance

CoffeeScript support includes:

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Language and Framework-Specific Guidelines:

Last modified: 5 December 2016