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File Types Recognized by AppCode

AppCode recognizes numerous file types. Each file type is denoted with a special icon. Custom files types are also allowed. Each file type is associated with one or more extensions that match a certain pattern.

The file types and their extensions are configurable in the File Types dialog.

The default types include:

File TypeIcon
ActionScript files ac_iconFileTypeAs
Archive files ac_iconFileTypeArchive
Objective-C files ac_iconFileTypeObjC_m32
C++ source files ac_iconFileType_cpp32
C/C++ header files ac_iconFileType_h32
CocoaPods Podfile ac_iconFileTypeCocoaPods
Core Data modelac_iconCoreData
Core Data filesac_iconCoreData
CSS filesfileTypeCss
ESlint Configuration files ac_iconECLint
Dart filesicon_dart
Files marked as plain textplain_text_icon
Files opened in associated applicationsiconFileTypeCustom
Header filesac_iconFileType_h32
HTML filesclassTypeHtml
Image filesfileTypeImage
JavaScript filesfileTypeJavaScript
JIRA query languageac_iconFileTypeJira
JSCS configuration filesfileTypeJSON
JSHint configuration filesac_iconJSHint
JSON filesfileTypeJSON
NIB filesac_iconFileTypeuiForm
Patch filespatch
Properties filespropertiesFile
Regular expressionsfileTypeRegexp
RELAX NG Compact SyntaxfileTypeRelaxNG
Storyboard files ac_iconFileTypeuiForm
Strings files ac_iconFileTypeText
Swift files ac_iconFileType_Swift
Text files ac_iconFileTypeText
TypeScript files ac_iconFileType_TypeScript
Xcode Asset Catalog ac_iconXcodeAsset
XHTML files ac_iconFileTypeXHTML
XIB files ac_iconFileTypeuiForm
XML DTD files ac_iconFileTypeDTD
XML files ac_iconFileTypeXML
YouTrack configuration files ac_iconYouTrackFile

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Last modified: 5 December 2016