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Installation and Launching

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Downloading and installing AppCode

You can download the latest version of AppCode from the JetBrains website.

To install AppCode, open the .dmg package, and drag or copy AppCode to the Applications folder.

Starting AppCode

  • Go to your /Applications folder and run the AppCode application.

Creating a command-line launcher

The command-line launcher lets you start AppCode from any directory by typing appcode in the Terminal. (When creating the launcher, you can specify any other name and then use it instead of appcode)

To create the launcher:

  1. Open or create a project.
  2. Select Tools | Create Command-line Launcher.
  3. Specify the launcher name and location. (The defaults are appcode and /usr/local/bin respectively.)

Importing AppCode usage preferences from a previous version

When you start AppCode for the first time, the Complete Installation dialog opens, and you have an option of importing AppCode usage preferences and license information from a previous version.

Select one of the following options and click OK.

  • I want to import my settings from a previous version (<path>). If this option is present in the dialog, the directory that contains the AppCode settings and license information is found at its default location. (The corresponding path is shown within the option name in parentheses.) Most likely, this is the option that you want.
  • I want to import my settings from a custom location. You may have the directory with the settings and license information available but not at its default location. If the option discussed above is missing, AppCode doesn't know where this directory is; the path initially shown in the field is just a guess, and there's no guarantee that the necessary folder is really there. To import the settings in this case, you can specify the folder with the settings (if you know where it is) .
  • I do not have a previous version of AppCode or I do not want to import my settings. If this is your case, select this option.

See also, Exporting and Importing Preferences.

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Last modified: 26 July 2017