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Code Style Schemes

AppCode | Preferences | Code Style - Manage
N/A settings

Use this dialog box to manage the set of code style schemes.

Save As...Click this button to create a copy of the currently selected scheme. This new scheme can be used for copying a scheme to project, and for export.
DeleteClick this button to remove the currently selected scheme. Note that the predefined schemes cannot be deleted.
Copy to ProjectClick this button to copy the settings of the currently selected scheme to project. When the settings are copied, AppCode suggests to switch to this scheme.
ImportClick this button to import AppCode XML code style settings, or JSCS config file.
ExportClick this button to export to AppCode XML code style settings file. The resulting XML file is exported to the specified location and has the specified name.
CloseClick this button to close the Code Style Schemes dialog box.

Note that any changes to the set of schemes (creating copies, or deleting unnecessary schemes) only take place on clicking Apply or OK buttons in the Settings/Preferences dialog.

Last modified: 13 December 2017

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