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Configuring Abbreviation Expansion Key

Shortcut key for expanding Emmet selectors and live templates is configurable. You can re-define this default setting for each specific live template.

Configuring a shortcut to expand abbreviations

  1. Open the AppCode Preferences by choosing AppCode | Preferences, and click Emmet under Editor.
  2. On the Emmet page that opens, choose the desired option from the Expand abbreviation with drop-down list.

Configuring a shortcut to expand a live template with

  1. To re-define the expansion key for a live template, open the Live Templates page, expand one of the Zen Coding nodes, and select the desired template. The focus moves to the Template Text area.
  2. From the Expand with drop-down list, select the key to expand the template with.

    This setting does not override the default setting specified for native Emmet support; you will just get the ability to expand the template using either of the specified keys.

Last modified: 13 December 2017

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