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Tuning AppCode

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Changing AppCode properties

The file /Applications/ should be copied to ~/Library/Preferences/AppCodeXX/appcode.vmoptions

To create an empty file or to copy the *.vmoptions file, choose Help | Edit Custom Properties... or Help | Edit Custom VM Options... from the main menu respectively.

Managing the file

The file located in the bin directory of the AppCode installation folder should not be edited. Instead of editing the original file, create an file in the following location, open it for editing and add the required properties:

To open the file in the editor, choose Help | Edit Custom Properties. If the file does not exist yet, AppCode creates it and opens in the editor.

Example: Changing the case of unicode literals

AppCode allows defining whether non-ascii characters should use literals like '\u00AB' or '\00ab'.

This behavior is controlled by the idea.native2ascii.lowercase system property. By default, upper-case characters are used.

If you wish to use lower-case characters, create the file in the location specified above, open it for editing and add the following line:


Specifying custom JDK, properties, or vmoptions files across platforms

A custom JDK, as well as *.properties and *.vmoptions files are specified across platforms in a unified way.

All launchers look at the following environment variables:

Last modified: 13 December 2017

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