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Configuring Subversion Branches

AppCode allows you to compose a list of parent folders of the branches you work with. This list will be displayed every time you perform any operation with branches, for example, when you synchronize your local working copy, compare branches, etc.

Branches are configured in the Configure Subversion Branches dialog box.

To configure Subversion branches, do the following:

  1. Acc the Configure Subversion Branches dialog: in the Version Control tool window, switch to the Subversion Working Copies Information tab, and then click the Configure Branches link.
  2. In the Trunk location field, specify the URL of your repository trunk. Type the address or click the Browse button browseButton and select the trunk location in the Select Repository Location dialog that opens. This dialog shows a tree of all branches and tags under the repository root.
  3. In the Branch locations area, make up a list of folders where the branches you need in your work are stored. Use the new and delete buttons to add/remove branches to/from the list.
Last modified: 27 March 2018

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