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Ignored Files

Use this dialog to configure a list of files and directories that you do not want to put under version control. These can be file names associated with VCS administration, backup files, and any other artifacts that you want to remain unversioned. You can also specify patterns of files you want to ignore.

ItemKeyboard shortcutDescription
new⌘NUse this icon or shortcut to add an item to the list. The Ignore Unversioned Files dialog box opens where you can type an exact path to a file or directory to be ignored or specify a pattern that defines the names of files and directories to be ignored.
edit1Use this icon or shortcut to edit the selected path or pattern in the Ignore Unversioned Files dialog box.
delete⌘⌦Use this icon or shortcut to remove the selected path or pattern from the list.

Two characters can be used as wildcards:

  • *: to replace any string.
  • ?: to replace a single character.

For example, *.iml will ignore all files with the iml extension; *.?ml will ignore all files whose extension ends with ml.

Last modified: 27 March 2018

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