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Patch File Settings Dialog

VCS | Create Patch - Create Patch
View | Tool Windows | Version Control - Local Changes - Context menu of a file or changelist - Create Patch - Create Patch

Use this dialog to configure the patch file settings.

Patch file Specify the name of the patch file. By default, the text in the Commit Message section of the Create Patch dialog is used as the file name. If the Commit Message section is empty, the default name is unnamed.patch.
Base path Specify the path relative to which paths inside the patch file will be written. Normally, this is your project directory, but you may want to use a relative path, for example, if the modified files are stored inside your VCS repository.
Reverse patch Select this option if you want to create a patch that reverts the changes you have made.
Encoding Select the encoding for the patch file from the drop-down list.
Last modified: 27 March 2018

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