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Reverting Local Changes

When you modify, add, or delete files, which are under version control, you are always able to revert such changes, rolling back the file's contents to what it was before the last successful update, check out, or commit.

The exact name of the command (revert or roll back), and the type of the action performed when you revert changes, depend on the file status and VCS used for a particular directory.

To revert local changes, do one of the following

  • In the Local Changes tab of the Version Control tool window, select one or more items in the relevant changelist, then choose Revert on the context menu of the selection or click the Revert button rollback on the toolbar of the Version Control tool window.
  • Select the file to be reverted and choose the relevant VCS-specific revert (roll back) command on the VCS | <VCS> menu.
Last modified: 27 March 2018

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