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AppCode | Preferences | Editor | Spelling

Use this settings page to create your own spelling dictionaries and thus expand the basic spelling support provided by AppCode by default.

Accepted Words Tab

Use this tab to configure the list of words that should be skipped by the Typo inspection.

Item Tooltip and Shortcut Description
new ⌘N Click this icon to open the Add New Word dialog box and specify a new entry there. CamelCase or snake_case are not supported. If you try to add a word that is already included in one of the spelling dictionaries, AppCode displays an error message The word <just typed word> is already in the dictionary.
delete ⌘⌦ Click this button to delete the selected item from the list.

Dictionaries Tab

Use this tab to configure the dictionaries to be used for spellchecking.

Item Description
Dictionaries This area in the bottom of the page shows a list of the dictionaries that can be used in spellchecking. The list contains the dictionaries that come bundled with AppCode by default and user-defined dictionaries detected in the folders from the Custom Dictionaries Folder area above.
  • To have a default dictionary applied in the current project, select the check box next to it.
  • To exclude a default dictionary from spellchecking within the scope of the current project, clear the check box next to it.
Custom Dictionaries Folder This area displays a list of directories that contain user-defined dictionary files (text files with the dic extension, containing words separated with a newline).
  • To add a new folder to the list, click add and choose the required folder in the dialog that opens dialog that opens.

    The full path to the folder is added to the Custom Dictionaries Folder list, and all the *.dic files found in this folder are added to the Dictionaries list.

  • To remove a folder from the list, select it and click delete.
Last modified: 27 March 2018

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