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Unified Version Control Functionality

In addition to support for general and individual VCS commands, AppCode provides several unique features that simplify and speed up the work with any version control system.

  • For the projects with VCS support enabled, the standard VCS actions (commit, update, revert, show differences and show history) are added to the main toolbar.
    AppCode VCS Toolbar
  • Commit and update an entire project.
  • Uniform interface for configuring common version control system settings.
    AppCode VCS Preferences
  • Changelists support for all integrated version control systems.
  • Next, Previous, Rollback, Show Difference actions are available from the dedicated gutter bar in changed locations.
    AppCode VCS Gutter
  • View revision history for file/directory.
  • Automatic checkout of all affected files when refactoring.
  • Advanced Version Control tool window, with multiple dedicated tabs: History, Status, Update Info, etc.

Mind the difference in terminology in the different version control systems. For example, to denote the check-in functionality, Git uses the term commit, Subversion uses submit, etc.

Last modified: 27 March 2018

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