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Version Control Tool Window

View | Tool Windows | Version Control

This tool window is available if version control integration is enabled for your project.

The tool window accommodates several views/tabs, which display VCS-related information and allow you to manage changelists, perform VCS-specific actions, view changes made by other team members, etc.:

  • Console tab: this tab shows the results of executing VCS-related commands.
  • Local Changes tab: this tab is always present and shows the list of files that have been modified locally and have not been committed to the repository yet.
  • History tab: this tab is added to the Version Control tool window when the Show History command is invoked through VCS | <specific_VCS>.
  • Integrate to Branch Info View tab: this view is available after running integration with the Run status after update setting specified.
  • Log tab: this tab is only available if you are using Git or Mercurial as your version control system. It shows all changes committed to all branches of the local and remote repositories, or to a specific branch or repository.
  • Repository and Incoming tabs: the Repository tab shows the changes committed to the repository under the VCS roots within the current project. The Incoming tab shows the changes commited to the repository by other team members, and not checked out locally.
  • Shelf tab: this tab is added to the tool window when you shelve a change or a changelist.
  • Update Info tab: this tab becomes available when local information is synchronized with the server.

Title bar context menu and buttons

You can right-click on the window title bar and use the context menu to configure its viewing mode, associate the window with a different tool window bar, or resize and hide the window.

You can also use the toolbar buttons:

icon viewMode Click this button to access a subset of the context menu commands that let you configure window's viewing mode.
icon hideSide ⇧⎋ Use this command to hide the tool window. You can also use it in combination with the Alt key to hides all tool windows attached to the same tool window bar.
Last modified: 27 March 2018

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