AppCode 2018.1 Help


AppCode comes bundled with an LLDB debugger. On this page, you can configure its behavior, choosing whether or not to enable value renderers and hide or display out-of-scope variables.

Common options



Focus application on breakpoint

If this checkbox is selected, on hitting a breakpoint, AppCode will show the location of this breakpoint in the editor and will attempt to bring its frame to the front.

Show debug window on breakpoint

Is this checkbox is selected, AppCode activates the Debug Tool Window on hitting a breakpoint.

Hide debug window on process termination

Automatically hide the Debug window when the debugged program terminates.

Scroll execution point to center

If this checkbox is selected, the line with the current execution point will be kept in the middle of the screen.

Built-in server




Use this spin box to specify the port on which the built-in web server runs. By default this port is set to port 63342 through which AppCode accepts connections from services. You can set the port number to any other value starting with 1024 and higher.

Can accept external connections

If this checkbox is selected, then the files on the built-in server running on the specified port are accessible from another computer.
If this checkbox is cleared (by default), then the debugger listens only to local connections.

Allow unsigned requests

For security reasons, any request to a page on the built-in server from outside AppCode is by default rejected and the following authorization pop-up window is displayed:
To access the requested page, click Copy authorization URL to clipboard and paste the generated token in the address bar of the browser.

However this behaviour may be annoying, for example, it may block your debugging session if manual intervention is impossible. To suppress displaying the authorization pop-up window, select the Allow unsigned requests checkbox.

Last modified: 19 September 2019