AppCode 2018.1 Help


Use this page to:

  • Enable automatic update of AppCode and specify to which kind of release you want it updated.

  • Obtain information about the current AppCode version and availability of a newer version.



Automatically check for updates for

Select this checkbox to activate the automatic update function, and select the desired update channel (for example, stable version).
  • Early Access Program: this channel gets patches from the previous EAP/release version. The channel is not recommended for production development.

  • Beta Releases or Public Previews: this channel includes release candidates (RC).

  • Stable Releases: this channel includes all AppCode releases, for example, AppCode X.Y.Z

Note that the list is only available in stable versions. In EAP versions, the list is disabled and the Early Access Program channel is always used.

Use secure connection

By default the checkbox is selected and the secure connection protocol (HTTPS) is used. Clear the checkbox to use the HTTP protocol. Note that the HTTP protocol may be blocked due to security reasons.

Check Now

Click this button to check for updates immediately.

View/edit ignored updates

Follow this link to show/change the builds which were ignored on AppCode update. These build numbers are included in the list of ignored updates and not suggested any more.

Last modified: 19 September 2019