AppCode 2018.1 Help

Working with AppCode Features from Command Line

Besides working from within AppCode, you can perform the following actions from the command line:

On macOS and Linux, we recommend creating the command-line launcher to integrate AppCode with your shell. Then, you need to ensure that the created launcher script is within the search path of your shell so that it can be invoked system-wide:

  1. In the main menu, choose Tools | Create Command-line Launcher. In the Create Launcher Script dialog, provide the name and the path of the launcher, or accept the suggested values.

  2. Outside of AppCode, add the path and the name of the launcher script to your path.

To launch AppCode from the command line

Having enabled command line support, you can launch AppCode from the command line.

In the command line, run the <AppCode> command, where <AppCode> is the platform-specific launcher.

Last modified: 19 September 2019