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Creating JSDoc Comments

AppCode helps you create JSDoc comments and uses them for JavaScript Documentation Lookup with F1.AppCode recognizes TODO patterns and Closure Compiler annotations inside documentation comments and uses them in code completion, intention actions, and other types of coding assistance.

To enable JSDoc comments

  1. In the Settings/Preferences dialog (⌘,), click General under Editor, and then click Smart Keys. The Smart Keys page opens.
  2. In the Enter area, select the Insert documentation comment stub checkbox.

To create a JSDoc comment

  • Place the cursor before the declaration of the method/function or field to document, type the opening block comment /**, and press . Describe the listed parameters, return values, etc.
  • Alternatively, use the dedicated Fix Doc Comment action. Place the cursor at the method/function or field to document, press ⇧⌘A, select Fix Doc String from the list, and press .
Last modified: 16 August 2018

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