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Use this page to enable and disable intention actions.

Intention List

The list shows all intention actions currently available in AppCode.

The intention actions are grouped by languages. To enable an intention action, select the checkbox to its left.

Toolbar and Controls

ItemTooltip and shortcutDescription
icons actions expandall svg ⌘+ Expand all nodes in the intention list.
icons actions collapseall svg ⌘- Collapse all nodes in the intention list.
find1.gif Use this text box to search through the list of intention actions. As you type a search string, the intention actions that match the search pattern are displayed. To finalize the search, press . The previously used search patterns are stored in the search history list.
icons actions clear Click this button to clear the search history list.
DescriptionThis read-only field shows the description of the selected intention action.
Usage examplesThis area illustrates the effect of applying the selected intention action through the following fields:
  • Before - this read-only field shows an example of source code before applying the selected intention action.
  • After - this read-only field shows the result of applying the selected intention action to the above example of source code.
Last modified: 16 August 2018

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