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Path Variables page

ResetUse this link to revert path variables and the list of ignored variables to their initial saved states.
NameThis field shows the name of a path variable (readonly).
ValueThis field shows the value of a path variable (readonly).
icons general add svg or ⌘N Use this icon or shortcut to create a new path variable. (The Add Variable dialog will open.)
icons actions edit svg or Use this icon or shortcut to edit the selected path variable. (The Edit Variable dialog will open.)
icons general remove svg or ⌘⌦Use this icon or shortcut to delete the selected path variable.
Ignored Variables List the names of the variables that should be ignored. Use semicolons (;) to separate individual list items.

Add / Edit Variable dialog

NameSpecify the path variable name.
Value Specify the path variable value. Use browseButton (⇧⏎) to select the necessary file or folder in the Select Path dialog.


Consider storing a library on your disk. This library is attached to your project, and the path to this library is included in the *.iml file of your project. However, this path should not be absolute, since the other teammates may store same library in the different locations.

That's why it makes sense to create a dedicated path variable PATH_TO_LIB:

  1. In the Settings/Preferences dialog (⌘,), click Path Variables under Appearance and Behavior and click icons general add svg.
  2. In the Add Variable dialog box that opens, type the variable name PATH_TO_LIB, and its value that points to the library location on your disk.
  3. Share the *.iml file through your version control system.
  4. The other developers should update their projects and change the value of PATH_TO_LIB variable to point to the locations of their libraries.
Last modified: 16 August 2018

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